Merchandise Monday: Holiday Season is Just around the Corner!

Part II: Home Entertainment and Technology

Another big trend we see for the coming holiday season is in the home entertainment and technology realm. Surprised? With so many great blockbuster films, engaging video games and evolving gadgets out there, neither are we. And we bet we’ll find more than one of these items on your holiday list!

DVD/Blu-ray™ and video games make great stocking stuffers for the movie buff or gamer in your life. Recent blockbusters such as “Life of Pi” and “Iron Man 3,” classics like “The Wizard of Oz” and kids’ movies including “Barbie® in The Pink Shoes” are all anticipated to be hot redeemers this season. New video games such as “Madden 25,” “NBA2K14” and “Disney® Infinity” are all expected to sell well, especially given the popularity of sports video games.

Smart gadgets are becoming more popular as functionality increases and price points decrease. TVs are working more like computers, with internet connectivity, streaming TV, 4K and combo TV/DVD units. Sound bars and wireless speakers are all the rage as people long to bring that big-screen experience to their own living rooms. 3D TV is also hot right now, as it supports the many 3D movies that are being shown recently – like the aforementioned “Life of Pi.” Some models even let you control how and what you watch from your tablet or smart phone. 

Speaking of smart phones, accessorizing your favorite device is becoming quite popular, especially since people love using the camera. LG’s Pocket Photo Printer is a great way to get your fave shots off of your phone and into the real world. The Sony® Smartphone Attachable Lens is the first-ever zoom lens and sensor combo that clips right to your smartphone. Mophie® and Datexx have both introduced external batteries to power your device on-the-go.

Finally, what kind of tech round-up would this be if we didn’t mention the latest headphones? Bose® is big this year as the company has started to advertise on-air. The QuietComfort® 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headphones let you hear as much or as little of the outside world as you want while enjoying your music. Sony®’s NFC Bluetooth® Wireless Headphones let you stream music from your smart phone or take a call mid-playlist. And Monster®’s Diamond Tears™ On Ear Headphones offer a fashionable, feminine answer to the popular on-ear headphones of today. Never be without your favorite tunes – the way you want to enjoy them!

As we mentioned at the conclusion of Part I, this is just a sample of the variety of different entertainment and electronic items available here at Hinda. Stay tuned Part III where we will cover trends in housewares, outdoor and lifestyle merchandise!

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Consumers are Refusing 3D Technology

Back in August, we speculated that the future of TV looked bleak for 3D technology, as manufacturers seemed to favor Internet-ready TV over 3D. Recent survey results* have shown that more than half of American HDTV buyers refuse to shift to 3D technology.

More than likely, this is not welcome news to the manufacturers who have poured money, faith and resources into 3D technology, with hopes that it would soar in popularity with consumers. Panasonic® recently announced annual net losses of $5.5 billion, while Sony® is considering restructuring in order to revive its flagging television sector.

So, what exactly is veering consumers away from 3D? Price, availability of 3D programming and 3D glasses are all posing as barriers. Like any new technology, the price has decreased since it was first released a few years ago. Still, of those planning to buy a new HDTV set in the coming year, 40% will not buy a 3D TV due to a lack of available 3D programming and 30% believe the glasses are still a problem.

What do you think? Are you planning on buying a new HDTV in the coming year? If so, are you planning on buying a 3D TV? Why or why not? Do you think 3D TVs have a future? Sound off in the comments section.


*The online survey was conducted by shopping and review website

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