Merchandise Monday: Time for You to Get a New Clock

This weekend we all sprang forward an hour with daylight saving time — unless you forgot to change your clocks. Whether you made it on time to the office this morning or stumbled in an hour late (it happens), DST is a great reminder to check in on your home clock situation.

In this week’s Merchandise Monday, we’re featuring clocks that have recently been added to our awards collection. From clocks with wireless connectivity or those boasting classic craftsmanship, there’s something for everyone.

iHome® Lightning®, Bluetooth® FM Stereo, Apple Watch® Charger, Clock Radio Speakerphone

For Apple Watch® and iPhone® users, this is the ultimate clock radio, speakerphone and charger — all in a single compact device. Equipped with a Lightning® dock, Bluetooth® connectivity, a USB port and an aux-in jack, you have multiple ways to connect and charge. And special alarm features like auto dimming, dual alarms, a speakerphone and an Auto Sync function make this one capable little clock radio.


Jensen® AM/FM Dual Alarm Clock Radio with Nature Sounds - 1.2-Inch Green LED Display

Ease into sleep and wake up peacefully with the soothing sounds of nature and this small but mighty alarm clock radio. It features four sounds to put you in the zone: White Noise, Ocean, Rain Forest or Campfire. Additional features include a soothing 1.2” green LED display, an aux-in jack, an AM/FM receiver with digital tuning and presets, dimmer control and Sleep/Snooze functions.


Altec Lansing® Bluetooth Speaker with Clock/FM Radio/Dual Alarm


Why not make and take calls from your alarm clock radio? With this device from Altec Lansing®, it’s easy. The Bluetooth speaker utilizes voice confirmation so you have wireless access to your enabled devices. The onboard mic, built-in USB port, rechargeable display and aux-in connector give this clock even more modern appeal.


BulbBotz™ Star Wars™ BB8 Light-Up Alarm Clock

No matter whether the fans of the Force in your household are you or your little kids, this light-up alarm clock is adorable and functional. With a digital LCD display, 12/24-hour time, alarm function and snooze, it makes for one very fun way to wake up each morning. Suitable for ages 6 and up.


Howard Miller® World Time Illuminated Table Clock

This is one of the coolest alarm clocks we’ve seen yet. It’s a table clock that also functions as an LED flashlight, and it displays the time from 18 major world locations, complete with display of month, date, day of the week, year, and even indoor temperature. Choose from five language display settings, set the timer for up to 100 hours, and take it to go with the optional hand strap.


Howard Miller Newley Mantel Clock

This sophisticated mantel clock from Howard Miller® is sure to make a statement in your office, study or workspace. The fine detailing of this impressive clock includes carved wood molding on the base, bookmatched leaf and rosette patterns flanking the bezel, and an aged dial with Roman numerals, black spade hands, convex glass and hinged bezel. Featuring key-wound, Westminster chime movement with a chime silence option.

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