New Updated Release: “The Art and Science of Engaging Rewards” eBook – 2018 Edition

Companies today are focusing more and more on employee engagement as a way to differentiate themselves from their competitors, attract the very best employees and improve business results. Yet Gallup surveys find there are still nearly two actively disengaged employees for every actively engaged employee in the workplace. That 2:1 ratio of actively disengaged to engaged has been stubbornly persistent for years. Perhaps it’s because HR and management professionals in my most companies have little or no formal training preparing them to plan implement successful employee engagement programs. 

Hinda is pleased to be a sponsor of the new 2018 Edition of “The Art and Science of Engaging Rewards”, the second edition of this informative eBook on using rewards to create engagement. Allan Schweyer, the Chief Academic Advisor to the Incentive Research Foundation as well as Chairman of the Board of the Enterprise Engagement Academy, wrote the eBook. Allan helps us dissect years of research on incentives rewards and recognition to provide a roadmap for building a culture of recognition within an organization. 

President of Hinda Incentives, Mike Donnelly, talked about how pleased and excited Hinda is to “help organizations make the connection between engagement and performance and the relationship that engaging rewards has to success.” 

Mike continued by saying, “we are pleased to continue helping both our industry and clients move forward by supporting a credible guide to best practices based on years of research and analytics.” 

Download the new 2018 Edition of “The Art and Science of Engaging Rewards” at:

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