Did Your Company Make the Nice List?

December is a great time for reflection. Let’s look back and see if you’ve made the nice list for employee engagement. We’ve made a list and checked it twice to see if your company has been naughty or nice.

Here are some best practices we know increase employee engagement:

Nice List.jpg
  • Regular Recognition - Providing regular recognition to employees shows appreciation and motivates them to continue to execute exceptional work.

  • Open Communication - Openness and transparency between supervisors and employees fosters an environment of respect and trust between both parties.

  • Growth Opportunities - Career advancement inspires employees to go above and beyond for the chance of financial and professional development.

  • Purposeful Work - Challenging and impactful work makes employees feel important and gives them a sense of pride.

  • Positive Environment - Having a culture of encouragement puts employees in the ideal mindset to perform at their best.

Successfully executing these few simple actions in your company is sure to drive employee engagement and ensure you never end up with coal in your stocking.

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