Merchandise Monday: Essential Grilling Products for the Best Summer BBQ Ever

July is National Grilling Month, and for many households, this is just the beginning of BBQ season. With plenty of warm weather, long days and starry nights ahead, there’s no better time than right now to plan your next grill session.

To make sure you have the best summer BBQ ever, we’ve hand-selected some essential grilling products in our rewards portfolio from the most trusted brands in outdoor cooking. Whether you’re a backyard grill master or a traveling grill novice, you’ll find something to guarantee your personal Best. Summer. BBQ. Ever.

Weber® Genesis® II E-310 LP Gas Grill

It’s hard to beat Weber® when it comes to grills, and their Genesis® models are strictly top of the line. This model boasts 37500 BTUs with high-performance burners, and it features Weber’s exclusive GS4 grilling system: Flavorizer® bars, a grease management system, and Infinity electronic ignition. Construction details like stainless steel burners and cast-iron cooking grates make for one sturdy, serious grill.


Weber® iGrill3

iGrill3 is from Weber®’s smart thermometer series, and it pairs specifically with the Genesis® II and II LX gas grills. iGrill connects an app for connected features, and it monitors your food as it cooks, alerting you to when the perfect temp has been reached.


Weber® Q1200 LP Gas Grill with Ultimate Accessory Pack

Weber®’s beloved Q1200 Gas Grill packs a lot of grilling power into a compact design. With 8500 BTUs of heat, electronic ignition, and an infinitely adjustable burner valve, it can tackle burgers, brats and beyond with ease. And built with a cast-aluminum body and lid plus porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates, it’s sure to last through many seasons of grilling successes. The Q1200 weighs just 24 pounds and is perfect to bring out for campsites, small balconies, or just into the backyard as a portable option. To complete the package, this kit also includes the Weber 2-Piece Stainless Steel Tool Set, a 12” Weber 3-Sided Grill Brush, a Weber Q Portable Cart, and a Weber Q Grill Cover.


Weber® Essential Burger and Grilling Accessory Kit II

Ready to kick up your boring burger, or experiment with completely new recipes on the grill? Then you need this Weber® package. With two cookbooks, a burger press, a stainless steel spatula, an apron and a BBQ mitt, it’s a great choice for grill masters looking to up their game — and it’s also an excellent gift for the aspiring grill master in your life.


Traeger Lil' Pig Grill

Traeger is known for its hearty wood-fired grills, and this hog-ready option is no exception. The Lil’ Pig Grill contains enough space inside to fit an entire hog if you so choose, with 425 square inches of grilling area to utilize. With functional features like a digital pro controller with dual meat probes, plus the head-turning design of the pig with long lashes and a snout, this grill will impress your guests with both its looks and with its incredible results.


Cuisinart® Himalayan Salt Grilling Stone

Many home grill cooks have tried wood-planked grilling to infuse their foods with more flavor, but few have tried salt grilling stones yet. They’re just as easy to use but offer a different result than planks. Simply place your food directly on the preheated salt stone over a grill, and let the Himalayan salt infuse your meat, seafood or vegetables with an incredible savory quality that enhances the natural flavors of the food.


Coleman® Party Pail™ Charcoal Grill

The Party Pail™ is a fun alternative to a traditional portable grill, and it’s the perfect size for toting around to all your BBQ adventures around town. With 82 square inches of cooking space, simply place the charcoals in the removable tray and get grilling. The side folding handle on the cooking grate makes it easy to refill charcoals, and the carry handle makes it a breeze to carry it off to your next BBQ get-together.


Coleman® RoadTrip Party Grill with InstaStart™

Another Coleman® grill that’s ready for the road, this option is powered by propane (not included) and puts out 8000 BTUs with fully adjustable cooking power. The legs are easily detachable, and they fit right inside the grill for easy transport.

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