Merchandise Monday: Time for Spring Cleaning!

It’s that time again — time to clean out winter’s accumulated dust, dander and grime from our homes and make room for a fresh spring season! This week’s Merchandise Monday showcases essential cleaning supplies from the top brands that you can trust for reliability and performance.


Black & Decker® 12V Automotive DustBuster®

Dust and dander don’t stand a chance in your home with the Black & Decker® 12V Automotive DustBuster®. Cyclonic action makes for powerful suction, and cleanup is easy with one-step emptying. Get in between the nooks and crannies of your car, garage and basement with the 16’ cable and flexible hose and brush. Say hello to cleaner surfaces and breathing air!


Vivitar® 2-in-1 Air Purifier/Ionizer with Turbo-Whisper Modes

Don’t let allergens, pet dander or dust get in the way of your family’s health inside the home. The Vivitar® Air Purifier/Ionizer tackles it all, removing 99 percent of irritants in the surrounding area with Electrostatic Ion Air Purification Technology and the Ionizer. No need to replace the filters — simply wipe the grid clean every few weeks and maintenance is complete.


neato robotics® BotVac D80

Tired of wearing out your back every time you vacuum? Let the BotVac D80 do the dirty work for you! From neato robotics®, this robot vacuum is designed for multi-room and spot cleaning on all floor surfaces while picking up all types of hair, so it’s perfect for homes with pets. Enjoy ultra-convenience from the vacuum’s special features like auto-recharge, resume, scheduling and boundary markers.


Brookstone® Complete Car Wash Kit

When you’re ready to wash the winter grime off of your car and see its true colors again, you’re ready for the Brookstone® Complete Car Wash Kit. Complete with 10 tools designed for every step of washing, scrubbing and waxing your car, this set is the ultimate must-have for any car lover. Includes: tire brush, large scrubbing brush, washing sponge, waxing glove and chamois cloth, foam sprayer, glass squeegee and three quick hose connectors, plus a fitted hardshell tool case.


OXO® Good Grips® 16-Inch Turntable

The last thing you need when you’re knee deep in spring cleaning is to have your cleaning supplies disorganized and scattered all over the cabinets. Keep your bottles, tubes and scrub brushes all in one spot and within easy reach with OXO®’s Good Grips® 16” Turntable. This spinning cabinet organizer has nonslip feet and a deep ledge, so you can reach for what you need, when you need it — without fuss.


OXO® Good Grips® Stainless Steel Sink Organizer

Having trouble keeping your kitchen sink neat and tidy? OXO®’s Good Grips® Stainless Steel Sink Organizer keeps your soap, sponge and other cleaning tools contained and dry. The design fits into small spaces so you can leave more counter space free for cooking.

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