3 Resolutions to Become a Better Manager in 2016

Make this the year that you become a better manager, develop a stronger employee base, and create a more meaningful and thriving workplace. If it sounds like too much to tackle in a year's time, look at these three simple resolutions you can make today, and use them as inspiration for your year ahead.


Resolution #1: Take a break for yourself.

Weekend getaways, week-long vacations, or just a day off quietly unwinding at home — whatever the length, resolve to take more breaks for yourself in 2016. In a 2014 TLNT article in ERE Media, Dr. Tasha Eurich cites several case studies showing the importance of taking breaks from work. If you don’t, Eurich writes, you may end up hurting your brain's performance, feeling more depressed, performing worse at work, and even damaging your physical health.

There are also overarching workplace benefits when managers take vacations, as cited in a 2014 Entrepreneur article. When managers leave the office, it can encourage employees to take work upon themselves and gain self-confidence. Simply delegate appropriately before your break, and empower your team to take on the tasks in your absence.

Resolution #2: Become a better leader.

Gallup released a study last year where about half of the 7,200 adults surveyed reported that at some point in their career they left a job “to get away from their manager.” According to The Wall Street Journal, employees value certain characteristics in a manager: ongoing communication, approachability, taking an interest in employees' personal lives, and being objective with workplace accountability.  One area where many managers today are lacking, according to the WSJ, is providing clarity of employee expectations.

Writer Megan Dougherty at Thin Difference offers an additional three characteristics of winning managers: they’re empathetic, they’re empowering, and they recognize — as well as prioritize — their employees’ wellbeing.

The takeaway here: Resolve to improve your positive influence as a leader by setting clear expectations, establishing approachable communication, and demonstrating concern for your employees’ professional and personal welfare. Your employees will notice and appreciate your efforts.

Resolution #3: Show your employees recognition.

According to Forbes, about half of the companies in both the Fortune 500 and top 100 places to work in 2014 offered their employees various appreciation programs and perks. Appreciation came in various forms at the companies, ranging from free massages and luncheons to bonuses and wellness discounts. Whatever the incentive, the message is clear: Successful companies show their employees they care.

Resolve to keep your employees motivated, recognized, and involved, and you’ll end up keeping them around longer. According to a 2012 study by Bersin & Associates, companies with effective recognition programs have 31 percent lower voluntary turnover.

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