Merchandise Monday: Upcoming Trends in Housewares

The “Homeworld Forecast 2013” is out and chock-full of information on housewares trends as we move into next year (can’t believe we’re already thinking about this, but might as well get on the bandwagon). As you can imagine, this study was pretty comprehensive, and its findings are vast. For the purpose of Merchandise Monday, we’ll just talk a little bit about some of the fastest growing trends and hot categories as reported in the study.

Fastest Growing Trends

  • Treat makers, such as cake pop and lollipop makers, in response to the recent trend in cupcakes
  • Skin and facial care appliances in response to Baby Boomers seeking that youthful glow
  • Steam cleaners and multi-function vacuums as more homes move away from wall-to-wall carpeting
  • Asian cutlery, which features sharper angled blades
  • Grilling accessories in response to the health craze and increase in year-round grilling

It’s worth nothing that many of the fastest growing trend categories feature money-saving alternatives, such as food storage options and laundry drying racks, as well as items that add efficiency to consumers’ busy schedules, including dishwasher-safe cookware and ready-to-assemble furniture.

Hot Categories

  • As Seen on TV – when is this not a hot category? Consumers love their Schticky™, ShamWow® and Snuggie™!
  • Food dehydrators, steamers and juicers are hot right now in tandem with the growing interest in healthy alternatives
  • At-home coffeemaking saves time and money versus standing in line at a coffee shop. Milk frothers and single-serve coffeemakers are especially hot right now
  • Vacuum food storage saves money by preserving your leftovers and allowing you to take your lunch with you on the go
  • Coinciding with food storage, double-wall insulated cups and mugs keep drinks hot or cold while you run errands or head to the office

Other hot categories include varieties of cookware and cutlery, ready-to-assemble accent seating, electric fireplaces and garage storage. Many consumers are looking for inexpensive ways to spruce up their homes, especially in these recession years when people are spending more time hanging out and entertaining in them.

Overall, the trends seem to be keeping with the current themes of cooking and entertaining in the home and saving money here and there where possible. And there is nothing wrong with that! After all, there’s no place like home!