Employee Spotlight: Rick Bowen

Trustworthy and loyal, with a sense of humor, Rick Bowen, Assistant Merchandise Manager, has spent the past 32 years working, learning and evolving with Hinda.

His journey started in Indianapolis, where he was hired on as the warehouse manager. Hinda opened an operation in Indianapolis in 1979 to branch out the premium business. However, this was the start of the video revolution and after his first year, Bowen became the buyer for all electronics. The facility in Indianapolis was closed four years later, as it was too close in proximity to Chicago. At the time, our current CEO, Michael Arkes, was responsible for all of the purchasing in Chicago. After the Indianapolis office closed, Bowen was transferred to Chicago to continue as a buyer.

Now, as the Assistant Merchandise Manager, one of Bowen’s main responsibilities is merchandising Hinda's award assortment with some of the top electronics lines. With 32 years of knowledge and experience, he also supervises our team of buyers to ensure they’re progressing and developing.

“Michael Arkes gave me an opportunity 32 years ago to start a new career," says Bowen. "During that time, Hinda has given me every opportunity to succeed professionally.”

Outside of work, Bowen enjoys fly fishing and spending time with his family.


This has been part of our Employee Spotlight series, which aims to put a face to our business. We hope to give you a glimpse of our operations as you learn more about our employees.