Sustainable Business is Good Business

Incentive Magazine recently published an article on the benefits of offering socially responsible products in incentive programs. In the article, they revealed that new generations are attracted to companies with strong reputations for environmental and community responsibility. Thus, by rewarding employees with socially responsible products (such as those produced by social enterprises), employees know they are helping other people.

In a sense, this type of recognition serves several purposes. It recognizes employees, supports social enterprises and sends a powerful message to the community at large.

The article featured the success of Helping Hand Rewards, an organization that connects social enterprises with corporations interested in purchasing corporate gifts and employee rewards that help give back to underserved groups and communities. Our President and CEO, Michael Arkes, is the founder of HHR.

In the past five years, the number of companies interested in offering social enterprise products has grown significantly. In 2009, only three companies had a broad assortment of HHR products in their awards offerings. In 2010, that number more than doubled, and in 2011 that number will again double.

Are you incorporating socially responsible products in your award assortment? As an employee, are you being offered socially responsible products in your award assortment?