Bose Enters the Bluetooth Headset Space

They have surround sound, mini stereos and headphones. It only makes sense that the next step is a bluetooth headset.

Bose, the master craftsmen of sound, have unveiled their new Bose Bluetooth Headset. Famous for their noise-cancellation technology, Bose brings this feature to the bluetooth table. One of the disadvantages of many bluetooth devices is the ability to hear each other in a crowded or slightly noisier area than others. Bose's new product tackles that issue.

According to a personal test done by this ComputerWorld writer, she uses the device in an overcrowded party room with high ceilings and still has relatively little trouble being able to maintain her phone coversation. Bose added noise-rejecting microphone filters to cancel out any unecessary background noise and focuses in on your voice alone, helping the person on the other end. Also, as the previously noted author mentioned, you can hear your calls better as the Bose technology is constantly adjusting the voice levels in your ear to rise above any background noise around you.

The device itself is sleek, attractive and more comfortable to wear than most other bluetooth devices. In addition, its rechargable battery allows for over 4.5 hours of talk time and 175 hours of standby time. Not shabby at all.

So what do you all think? Will Bose's new headset outperform the rest?