An Office Food Culture

This past Wednesday we celebrated our CEO Michael Arkes's **th birthday. As a result of this Ribs on the grillcelebration we were able to take part in another time honored Hinda tradition:


I learned that if one wants to try and lose weight, they're working at the wrong company. Company potlucks and cookouts are a staple of the Hinda Incentives office. We seem to find any reason possible to celebrate an event and eating awesome food in the process. We've talked before on this blog in regards to using food as an engagement tool and here at Hinda - we certainly practice what we preach. 

Michael's birthday was celebrated by a fanfare of grilling. We had piles of ribs with roasted chicken to accompany it. Sides of seasoned rice and homemade mac and cheese complimented the main meat dish extremely well, leaving barely any room for the ice cream cake that was to come.

Being the quiet-natured guy that he is, there wasn't a speech to accompany the pre-cake birthday song. Michael Arkes is the kind of guy that likes to get right down to business. Fortunately for us, the business at hand was multiple-layered ice cream cake.

This is just a slice of life inside the walls of Hinda. How do your companies celebrate special occasions?