Panasonic's New Pocket Wonder: Merch Monday

In addition to the first 3D consumer camcorder, Panasonic has unleashed a new pocket device that looks to make social video sharing that much easier.

The new HM-TA1 provides a ton of features and easily fits into your pocket. The camera can shoot in full HD quality and provides a USB terminal that makes it easy for PC connection to quickly share your videos via social media sites like YouTube and Facebook. Not only does the USB connectivity make social sharing easier but it also works as a dual purpose via Skype. While connected to your PC, the TA1 can double as a webcam, making video conferencing that much easier.

The 93 gram device also has still picture capturing capabilities, taking pictures at a 8 megapixel size and storing those photos onto an external SD memory card. According to this article, some of its other features include:

• E.I.S. (Electrical Image Stabilization) to minimize blur due to camera shake.
• Digital zoom up to 4x.
• Colour effects, including Sepia Mode, Monochrome mode, and Soft Skin.
• USB-capable charging by connecting the TA1's USB cord to a PC, eliminating the need to carry a separate cord or charger.

The camera is estimated to be released out onto the market this September. It looks to be a good year for Panasonic!