Intangible Rewards: Merchandise Monday

There's a lot of focus on tangible reward items like electronics and houseware items. What about the intangible ones? At Hinda, we've added a few intangible incentives in the form of music downloads and phone time.

Program participants will be able to redeem their points for music downloads via Puretracks, one of the largest music downloading sites offering over 3.4 million different tracks spreading across all genres of music. Puretracks is a web-based service, meaning no complicated downloads are required and has the ability to download your tracks directly into iTunes or Windows Media Player libraries.

In addition to music downloads, we've added calling cards to our awards collection. With cell phones and unlimited calling plans already becoming more of the norm, what's the point? The cards give your company to associate your brand with the program participants' phone calls. The cards are able to be used from any phone at any time to call home or abroad from any of the 50 states. Phone Time also offers international calling card options, allowing your participants to carry their cards with them while traveling overseas and make phone calls to family and business back home, without paying expensive roaming fees. These virtual awards like Phone Time and ringtones from Puretracks offers your participants great redemption items with a small point value associated with them. It's an effective way to drive more redemptions in your rewards program.