So What's Driving All This LCD Growth? Merch Monday

LCD TV shipments have seen massive growth over the last year. Over the last quarter alone, shipments have increased over 16 percent for the LCD category. What's the main powerhouse behind this growth? LED (or light emitting diodes in the long-hand).

According to this article posted here, LED shipments rose 105 percent over this last quarter alone and over 800 percent from the year prior. LED TVs have started offering a much wider variety of sizes over the last year, along with a good variety of price. As a result, the revenues over the past year from the LED TV segment has risen to just over $1.7 billion, accounting for roughly 40 percent of the total LCD TV category.

Samsung is baking a lot on the growth of LED demand. It recently announced the arrival of its new 65-inch LED TV, one that is not only HD but also 3D ready as well. It claims to be the largest TV of its kind on the market. The new LED TV is also Wi-Fi and Skype compatible, allowing for large-screen video calling from the comfort of the consumer's living room.

LED is attributing for a large portion of LCD TV growth. Where else do you all see LCD's continued growth?