Touchscreen Desktops, Sony's New Computer Solution: Merch Monday

Now you won't be scolded for putting your greasy fingers all over the computer screen. It'll actually be encouraged.

Sony is releasing their VAIO J Series Touch PC, giving users similar fingertip control seen on an iPad or iPhone, except with a much larger screen (a 21.5 inch display).

"The J Series changes the way consumers interact with their PC enabling them to tap, drag, zoom, rotate and engage with their content and entertainment like never before,” said Mike Lucas, senior vice president of the VAIO business at Sony.

The computer features more than your normal computing needs and built-in wifi capabilities. The screen display shows images in full HD, has a built-in webcam with Face-tracking technology and custom media gallery software, allowing users to create up to 21 unique music channels based on things like beat, rhythm and genre. Select models also come with Blu-ray built in.

The greatest thing: it's going to be affordable. When it hits retail stores next month, it will run only $900. Not bad for a complete home media system. You can learn even more about Sony's new computer product by checking out Incentive Magazine's article here.