New Waves of Digital Cameras: Merchandise Monday

A product line that has held its own well in the consumer electronics segment are digital cameras. According to Vision, the CEA magazine, digital cameras are found in roughly 81% of households today. The new selling point for these items have moved beyond just megapixels. In Vision, Chris Chute of IDC says "Vendors now realize that if they want to bring some growth back to the market they are goig to have to be more innovatice than they were in the past."
What are some of these innovations that Chute mentions? Many of these new features involve aesthetic attributes to the cameras, whether it be style or durability.  Olympus and Casio have come out with models that are shockproof, waterproof and even dust resistant, improving the durability tremendously. Other innovations have included the abolition of viewfinders, more retro looks, and the evolution of the touchscreen. Kodak's Slice camera has made great strides in touchscreen innovation, allowing consumers to use it to tag pictures directly on the camera and upload them to sharing sites like Facebook and Flickr. 
Social media sharing will heavily influence digital cameras in the future. More cameras down the pike will include more elements of connectivity such as Wi-Fi and GPS capabilities. These technologies will enable cameras to incorporate more of a social aspect and make sharing memories and events via social media that much easier.