LinkedIn's New Company Page Features

In an attempt to become more interactive, LinkedIn has rolled out a few additional features on their Company profile pages. What used to be a purely static feature with no opportunity for interaction, company pages now have a couple of other features: recent tweets and a "Products and Services" tab. What do these features provide? More importantly - how are we using them here at Hinda?

Recent Tweets

This is mainly an addendum to the already existing blog tab toward the bottom of the Company page. Is a company on Twitter? What are they talking about? With the exception of @ replies, this new tab shows up-to-date tweets from the company. On our page, you can see how we are contributing to the conversation online. By taking a look at what we - or another compay - are saying, viewers can judge whether or not we're not only worth the company follow on LinkedIn but also worth a Twitter follow. The recent tweets tab also gives insight to the personality and thought sharing on part of the company.

Products and Services

This is most likely the biggest addition to the company page. Companies now have the ability to feature any key products or services of there business to their profile page. On the surface this only appears as just another traditional marketing medium (which it sort of is) but it comes with a twist:


Is there a LinkedIn connection or company follower that has used one of those featured products or services? This is where the interaction comes into play. Those users can personally endorse one of those products and give testimony to the effectiveness or awesome-ness of that product. Social marketing gets its traction from what third party users are saying about a company and this new LinkedIn feature definitely taps into that concept effectively. Why simply take the company's word for that product or service when you can easily see what others are saying about it?

How are we using the new feature?

We have recently added two of our featured services - the Warehouse Dash and Custom Packaging - to our list of services. Both service pages include short and fun YouTube videos elaborating on the features of those services. Feel free to check them out! If you have experienced any of these services, feel free to let people know about your experience while on the page.

What do you all think of the new company feature? Is it a good addition for LinkedIn?