CES 2010: An Optimistic Look On What's Ahead

Last year's Consumer Electronics Show followed one of the lowest lows of the financial crisis, so it was no surprise that this year's show saw a much bigger increase in attendance and a general feeling of optimism for the future.

While the show saw more conservative research and development expenditures in comparison to years past, a few line of products really stole the show:

- Tablet PCs

- E-Readers

-3D Television

In addition to the CES "highlight reel" mentioned above, other things worth noting about the show included how wireless has become more of a game changer in the electronics industry. The wireless movement has started to move beyond computers and portable devices and are becoming more integrated into things like home theater systems. Digital cameras are also seeeing change with future products combining both still and video photography into one compact device.

An emphasis on more efficient and "green" manufacturing processes is also playing a much bigger role in electronics production. Results from a CEA study showed that 57% of consumers say that environmentally friendly attributes will factor into their next electronics purchase decision. Another study done by EnviroMedia confirmed that 18-34 year olds are twice as likely to buy green than their parents: evidence that the future of consumer electronics will rely even more on the use of green technology.

This week we'll look at the three big features of CES (listed above). Next stop...3-D television!