Merchandise Monday: A Time to Give – and Receive


While it might have been too early to talk about holiday season in our last redemptions update, that’s all anyone’s talking about now that we’re three days from Thanksgiving – and four days from Black Friday!

Speaking of shopping, let’s take a look at what people redeemed for most in 3rd quarter 2012. Many of the items from Q2 remain top redemptions in Q3, such as the Pyrex®, Wagan®, Titleist®, OXO® and Garmin® items from the first list and the Coby®, Bose® and Keurig® items from the second. Hopefully this will give you some ideas for what people on your holiday list might want.

Top redemptions according to units fulfilled:

  • Pyrex 18-Piece Glass Storage Set with Lids
  • Wagan Battery Jumper With Air Compressor
  • Titleist Pro VI Golf Ball Dozen
  • Royal® 10 Sheet Crosscut Paper Shredder
  • Coby® Compact Progressive Scan DVD Player
  • Luger Analog Bracelet Watch
  • OXO 3-Piece Mixing Bowl Set
  • Bose® IE2 Audio Headphones
  • Keurig® Special Edition B60 Single-Cup Home Brewing System
  • Garmin nüvi® 30

Top redemptions according to dollar value: 

  • Coby 40" LED HDTV 1080p
  • Apple® iPod Touch® 32GB with FaceTime
  • Apple iPad® 2 16GB Wi-Fi
  • LG Electronics 42" LED 120Hz Smart LED TV
  • Bose QuietComfort® 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® Headphones with Remote and Microphone Accessory
  • HP Notebook PC Bundle
  • Keurig Special Edition B60 Single-Cup Home Brewing System
  • Apple MacBook Pro 13-Inch 2.3GHz 320GB Serial ATA Drive
  • Kindle Fire 7" Multi-Touch Wi-Fi
  • Garmin nüvi® 30

 Happy Thanksgiving week and happy shopping!

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Your Monthly Check-Up: Winning at Workplace Wellness


In the last month alone, several great articles have come to our attention focused on just how important wellness in the workplace is. Clearly this is not just a passing fad, but an issue of growing concern that is calling for immediate attention and action. Employees and companies as a whole are responding very positively to wellness incentives and fitness programs. Hopefully some of these stories will inspire you to instill a wellness initiative at your company – or at least change a few habits to benefit your own life.

To begin, an article in EXPERIENCE LIFE magazine (a publication of LIFE TIME FITNESS) titled “Healthy Profit” makes the case for employee wellness as a means for increasing productivity and reaping fiscal benefits. The article centers on three US companies – SAS, Patagonia and Hypertherm – that are putting the well-being of their employees first and rewarded handsomely in the form of low employee turnover and decreased medical plan costs.

The article points to a study published in the February 2012 issue of Health Affairs that found that “for every dollar invested in a comprehensive workplace wellness program, companies saved $3.27 in medical costs and $2.73 in costs related to absenteeism.” According to “Healthy Profits,”

…the days of simply tacking up a smoking-cessation poster and calling it a wellness program are quickly coming to an end. In a world of ballooning healthcare costs and exhausted employees, more businesses are adopting comprehensive workplace wellness programs that pay closer attention not just to the physical health of their workforces, but also to their employees’ overall sense of well-being.

A few examples of the initiatives these companies have adopted include onsite daycare, onsite health centers, subsidized healthy lunch programs, paid leave for parents of sick children, free yoga, paid time off to volunteer, wellness fairs and fitness club membership reimbursement. We’ll note that these companies are exceptional examples and not every organization is able to adopt all of these initiatives; however, making small changes now will go a long way with regard to your employees’ well-being.

The September/October issue of Premium Incentive Products also features a case study focused on employee wellness, titled “Working Toward Wellness at Hilton Head Health.” According to the article, Hilton Head Health, or H3, is a premiere health and wellness center in Hilton Head, SC.

When H3 implemented a physical fitness support system, “The benefits were immediate,” says president and CEO Robert Moore. “The first year was a 3 percent reduction in premiums, and the second year a 7 percent reduction at a time when premiums were increasing 12 to 15 percent.

In order to be effective, of course, a program such as this has to be widely accepted by the staff, and H3 is a great example of a program not only being widely accepted but successfully implemented and expanding, as well. “While H3 employees might know more about fitness and be healthier than the average worker, it also proved to be a challenge to increase the level of H3’s employees’ fitness. Enter the idea of incentives, challenges, classes and a little friendly competition to get the ball rolling.”

At H3, each activity is based on a point system.  A highly visible leader board is updated with top performers’ names and points awarded and employees are encouraged to compete not only with each other, but with themselves. Completing fitness classes, competing in races and taking healthy cooking classes are all eligible for points. Other types of activities include book club, volunteering, webinars, biking, swimming and walking. This shows that not only is H3 concerned with wellness, but the overall well-being of its employees.

As quoted in the article, CEO Moore says, “I’m a believer in incentives. You have to get people to try living healthier lives, then they develop the habit and they won’t want to give it up. There is no better way to do that with incentives.”

As a recognition company with our own wellness initiative, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. And especially with the holiday season quickly approaching, what better way to fend off cold and flu season than by adopting some of these wellness principles now!

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Hindastry News - November 2012

Welcome to the latest issue of "Hindastry News" - Hinda's corporate newsletter.

"Hindastry News" brings you the latest on the happenings at Hinda.

This issue includes:

  • 2012 Golden Carrot Awards
  • Milestone Anniversary for One of our Employees - Celebrating 40 Years at Hinda!
  • An Important Message from our President, Dave Peer
  • New Employees and Recent Promotions
  • Roundtable Recap 

If you know someone who would benefit in receiving communications like this from Hinda, have them e-mail Alisa Schafer ( and ask to be added to the distribution list.

Also be sure to check out and subscribe to the Hinda Blog. 

Click here for the current issue of Hindastry News.

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Merchandise Monday: Here Come the Holidays!

The tricks and treats of Halloween are over and Thanksgiving and its subsequent landslide into holiday oblivion are in the not-so-distant future. Why not use the next few weeks to indulge in a little “me time” before the holiday onslaught?

Hinda has everything you need to help you prepare to get ready for the holidays and, by extension, the winter months. Looking for some R and R? We’ve got what you need. Trying to stave off that extra layer? You’ve come to the right place.

Whether you’re getting energized for the season or gearing up by winding down, Hinda’s latest merch additions will help you through the next three weeks – and beyond.

Brookstone® OSIM® uSqueez® App-Controlled Foot and Calf Massager

The world’s first app-controlled massage for your feet and calves lets you customize your massage using a free app and your iPod® touch, iPhone® or iPad® devices via Bluetooth® wireless technology. No need to bend over to reach the manual controls! Full-coverage compression and roller massages work wonders on your tired calves and feet to Sooth, Pulse or Energize. Treat yourself to some true relaxation after a hard workout or a long day at the office.

Vision Fitness Elliptical Trainer

Don’t let bulky workout equipment hinder your holiday spirit! The Vision Fitness elliptical trainer features a highly durable welded steel frame design with a patented folding frame that allows for compact storage. The overlapping pedal motion and long stride give the elliptical its superior motion, while premium oversized footpads and multiple handgrip options provide a comfortable fit for multiple users. Work out, fold up, store away and get on with your pre-holiday preparations!

Heat Surge™ Accent™ Stationary Fireplace

The versatile Accent™ Fireplace doubles as an end table, nightstand or foyer accent table, and its innovative design is space-saving as well as practical so it works well for smaller-scale living. The classic style complements any home décor and the entire mantle is handmade and finished by the Amish in the heartland of Ohio. A realistic Hi-Def Fireless Flame® helps lower your heating bills while providing a touch of beauty to your home.

Vision Fitness Folding Treadmill

Chilly air and early sunsets are no excuse to miss your workout! The Vision Fitness folding treadmill will ensure you break a sweat on the regular. The workout area is a comfortable 20” x 57” and the all-new frame consists of heavy gauge steel tubing and extended support rails for added stability. It utilizes a 2.75 HP digital drive system and durable 2-ply maintenance-free belt. Assembled dimensions measure 80” x 43.5” x 63” and weight is 250 pounds. This machine was built to let you move.

Heat Surge™ Roll-n-Glow® Fireplace

Heat Surge provides the stunning visual of realistic fire powered by maintenance-free LED lighting and the bone-soothing warmth of Hybrid-Thermic™ heat technology warming both you and the air around you. On wheels, the Roll-n-Glow provides great maneuverability which enables you to quickly move your fireplace from room to room, thereby lowering your heating bills and saving money using zone heating in style. Handmade by the Amish in Ohio, there is no venting, no chimney and no mess involved.

Vision Fitness Upright Bike

Work off those extra pounds without missing your favorite cold-weather movies! The Vision Fitness upright bike is a great entry-level product loaded with features. Seven motivating programs provide plenty of variety and new challenges when you are ready to take your workout to the next level. A heavy, 21-pound flywheel and ideal gear ratio deliver a smooth, fluid motion. Assembled, the bike measures 40” x 26” x 50” and weighs 80 pounds, so you have no excuses!

We sure hope you’re feeling the burn – whether it’s from our fabulous new workout equipment or luxurious relaxation items. Merchandise Monday will be sure to keep you posted on any and all holiday-related merch, tips, trends, etc., so stay tuned and enjoy these next three weeks…

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Merchandise Monday: Happy LEGO-ween!

Halloween is fun for all ages, but these spooky new LEGO® sets make great treats for the kids in your life. Just in time for the scariest day of the year, Hinda has added a variety of delightful characters the kids in your life are sure to enjoy – from ghosts to pirates to vampires and more!

Epic Dragon Battle

The epic battle of good versus evil has begun! The Great Devourer has been awakened and threatens to devour the world of Ninjago. Can the legendary green ninja, riding the awesome four-headed Ultra Dragon, overpower this evil adversary? Can Lord Garmadon harness the power of the four golden weapons of Spinjitzu to destroy the mighty snake? Can Jay defeat the evil Snake Generals release his master from the impenetrable snake prison? Only you can decide the outcome of the final battle between good and evil!

The Ghost Train

The Ghost Train is getting away with the moonstone. Help Frank Rock and Ann Lee catch it in their acrobatic airplane, suck up the ghosts with the vacuum weapon and grab the moonstone. Don't let them trap the heroes in the Ghost Train's prison!

Jabba's Palace™

Rescue Han Solo from Jabba the Hutt’s desert palace! Avoid the trap door and roof-mounted missiles to free Han Solo from Jabba’s Palace, with poseable Jabba and all-new Salacious Crumb. Jabba and friends represent the ultimate in epic alien adventure!

Pirates of the Caribbean Black Pearl

After 13 years, Davy Jones has come to take Jack Sparrow back to the Flying Dutchman. As his tentacled adversary boards the Black Pearl with his brackish crew, Maccus and Bootstrap Bill, Jack and his friends Will and Joshamee are in no mood to surrender just yet!

The Vampyre Hearse

The Vampyre and his faithful servant, the zombie driver, have the moonstone and are making a getaway in the black hearse. Can Dr. Rodney Rathbone catch them on his motorcycle and steal the moonstone? Or will Vampyre launch a surprise coffin attack and send the doctor spinning out of control? You decide!

Are you excited about these new LEGO products, or did we scare you away? Put some extra fright in your kid’s trick-or-treat bag this year! They’ll really enjoy these lovably scary creatures, and you’ll love that you won’t be contributing to their sugar intake!

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Hinda Announces 2012 Golden Carrot Award Winners: Apple and Mach 1 Global Services

Hinda Incentives has announced the winners of the prestigious Golden Carrot Award, which were presented at the Hinda Incentives headquarters today in conjunction with the Motivation Show

Apple and Mach 1 Global Services, Hinda’s home delivery carrier, were selected as this year’s winners by demonstrating a solid commitment to providing innovation, service and cutting-edge products to the multi-billion-dollar incentive market. Hinda’s Golden Carrot Award recognizes its supplier partners who have consistently demonstrated dedication to the field of incentives.

"When you put two top companies like Apple and Hinda together, it results in a great partnership,” says Rick Bowen, Hinda’s Merchandise Manager. “Candice Lacrosse (Senior Account Manager, Corporate Gifting and Rewards for Apple, Great Lakes Region), has worked very hard with our team to include Apple products in our programs in a timely manner. We are both dedicated to delivering the best product and the best service to our award winners. Candice and Apple have been supportive and are an important partnership."

“It's an honor to receive the Golden Carrot Award,” says Lacrosse. “We’re very excited about it. We have built a solid relationship with both Rick Bowen and Michelle Flores (Merchandise Buyer and Hinda) and only see that relationship growing. Both are a pleasure to work with and they definitely keep us on our toes.”

Winning the Golden Carrot Award was a sweet surprise for Kari Thomsen, District Manager for Mach 1 Global Services.

“We are so happy to receive this award because we had to work hard to earn Hinda’s business,” says Thomsen. “I went to see Benito [Bustamante, Hinda’s Warehouse Manager] every Thursday to promise him the world. It took a lot of work to gain his trust and earn some business, but after six months he finally gave us an opportunity. Now I feel like we are an extension of Hinda.” Mach 1 Global Services CEO, Jamie Fletcher, who is based in Phoenix, also attended the award presentation.

Bustamante did finally give Thomsen an opportunity, but admits they tested Mach 1 with some really difficult deliveries.

“We gave Mach 1 some very challenging shipments and they stepped up to the plate,” says Bustamante. “Kari goes above and beyond. She’s on call 24/7 for us. She gets it. She knows we are delivering awards and how important that is. At Hinda, we deliver a superior customer experience.”

Selection for the Golden Carrot Award is very competitive. The extensive list of criteria for winning suppliers include high-quality products, innovation, timeliness of deliveries, prompt follow-up, the ability to provide updated product information and reliability, among others.

Check out pictures from the ceremony here!

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