5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day Every Day at the Office

Earth Day is celebrated every year in the U.S. on April 22nd. It is a day that inspires us to take action and raise awareness in support of environmental protection. Your company may hold a recycling drive, clean up a neighboring park or even plant a community garden to honor this day. But what can you do as an individual?

Here are 5 things you can do to celebrate Earth Day, every day:


Carpool (& Public Transportation): You might even do this already. Carpooling with coworkers or taking public transportation to and from work is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.

reduse waste.png

Reduce (Paper) Waste: Think before you print! Is it something you can simply email? And If you must print, making printing double-sided your standard to limit paper waste.

lights out.png

Lights Out: Is your office blessed with windows and sunlight? Take advantage of natural light during the day to cut back on electricity use.

quit plastic.png

Quit Plastic (Cups): The next time you take a trip to the water cooler, skip the little plastic or paper cups. Instead, bring your own reusable water bottle from home.

power down.png

Power Down: At the end of a long day, you might be tempted to leave your computer on sleep mode. It’s better to shut down and turn off all unused electronics before you head home.

While these 5 simple acts may seem small and unimportant, if practiced every day, even you can help make a big difference.

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