Merchandise Monday: Soothe Those Post-Summer Aches!

After a summer season of traveling, exercising, and working outside, you might very well be feeling a bit achy these days. Those three months of taking long road trips in the car, bending over to work in the garden, and enjoying extended bike rides through the park might have left you in dire need of a massage now that fall is here. Give your body a rest with some of these featured items from our awards collection, while also alleviating stress and taking time to unwind.


HoMedics® Neck & Shoulder Massager with Heat

If only you could massage your own sore shoulders! This neck and shoulder massager is perfect for getting the job done. With two speeds and optional heat, along with an Ergo Comfort Design which shapes to your body, it makes for a comfortable massage you can enjoy anytime, anywhere on your own.


Wagan® Heated Massage Lumbar Cushion

Give your lower back additional support and relief with this heated lumbar cushion. It offers a vibrating massage along with heat, and the attached power controller makes it easy to adjust the settings while you relax.


Veridian Healthcare™ TENS Wired Pain Management System

Target trouble spots on most areas of the body — neck, shoulders, back, legs and more — with electronic nerve stimulation pads. Simply place the gel-style electrode pads on your skin, and set the pulses to different modes and intensity levels of your choosing.


North American Health + Wellness Hot/Cold Compression Back Wrap

This compression back wrap is ideal for those experiencing back pain, stiffness and soreness. Take advantage of both hot and cold options based on the type of therapy you’re looking for. For additional comfort, the compression wrap inflates via an attached hand pump.


Veridian Healthcare™ Deluxe Heating Pad Moist/Dry Heat Therapy

When you want both dry and moist heat therapy, this heating pad is for you. Great for resting on the back, stomach and even legs or shoulders. Features a soft, washable cover and easy push-button control.

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