Merchandise Monday: Staying Cozy Indoors

Baby, it is sure getting cold outside! In this week’s Merchandise Monday, we’re showcasing items from our awards collection that will help you stay comfy, cozy and warm without leaving the house. Toss on some slippers, light the fireplace and let the snow fall as it will — you are going to be in the comfort zone at home!


HoMedics® Warm & Cool Mist Ultrasonic Tower Humidifier

Cold winter air outside often equals dry heated air indoors. It’s great to have the heat blasting, but the dryness can feel terrible to your skin and lungs. Keep your home humidified while staying warm with this tower humidifier unit from HoMedics®. You can opt for either a cool or warm mist, and antimicrobial technology keeps mold and mildew at bay, so the air inside stays comfortable to you, whatever the temperature outside.


Yankee Candle® Crimson Flurries Easy Melt Warmer - Balsam & Cedar

These darling scent melt warmers from Yankee Candle® double as wintry décor pieces for the home. They set the tone for a perfect winter wonderland in your house, while the seasonal scents of balsam and cedar transport you to a woodsy landscape — all while bundled up, nice and warm inside.


Proctor Silex® 32-oz. Hot Pot

When it's chilling outside, you want something steamy and nourishing to sip on inside. This handy hot pot heats water quickly for soup, tea, hot cocoa and more. Forget about waiting for water to boil on the stovetop!


Dyson Hot + Cool™ Fan Heater

Tired of layering up in sweaters and blankets at home waiting for the heat to kick in? This clever fan from Dyson will keep you warm and toasty in the winter and cool when summer rolls around. It directs powerful jets of air around the room to keep the temperature just how you want it.


Conair® True Glow™ Hot/Cold Therapy Facial Sauna

Protect your skin this winter! This facial sauna uses warm steam and a cool mist to open your pores, hydrate your skin and help protect against the harsh elements. After three months (or four or five!) of biting winter wind, your face will say “thank you.”


Warm House™ Oslo 35-Inch Wall Hanging LED Fireplace


You are going to fall in love with this ultra-modern wall fireplace. Hang it over a mantel or alongside decorative frames for a completely chic and understated décor piece — then get cozy while it heats up the room! Choose from 10 flame colors to match your home and use it with or without heat depending on your mood and the temperature outside.

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